Purple Rain

I may not have grown up in the most influential decade of pop music, however, the 80’s still managed to make a huge impact on my life.

This week I chose to pay tribute to the late 80’s rock star, Prince. Tucked away in my father’s record collection was Purple Rain. Released in 1984, Purple Rain is considered to be one of the most iconic albums in music history. This album still presents Prince’s R&B roots, but it definitely has a more distinct emphasis on rock and Prince’s guitar manship.


  1. Yes, I love the 80’s remember when this album and movie came out. It’s funny when the CD came out it was touted as “better” than albums for music. When I listened to some of the older music like Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon, I can hear the difference between album and cd. Even Led Zepplin songs sound different. I do think some of the music sounds better on albums and not just my hearing as I get older lol lol.

  2. Purple Rain is such an iconic song. The album is amazing, Dove’s Cry is also on this album. Such a good tune.

  3. I love 80’s and Purple Rain in my top 10 for this era. Kate Bush is also one of my favorites. That’s why Prince and Kate’s mashups is amazing 🙂 Check out Running Up That Hill + Purple Rain one.

  4. I have heard many times from my mother how incredible this record is, I know one day I should give it a full listen to so I can also fully appreciate it.

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