What You Need to Know Before You Start Collecting Records

In this week’s blog will share with you a few tips I have learned so far and a few crucial things I wish I knew before I started.

Invest in a quality turntable

I learned this tip from Chris Charkowy owner of Mindbomb Records. He mentioned that for someone getting into vinyl, it is beneficial to spend the extra money and buy a higher end turntable with an actual receiver and decent speakers. One of the better turntables for casual listening is Audio Technica AT-LP 120 USB. This is a professional turntable with a high torque direct drive motor for quick start-ups and USB output that can connect directly to your computer.

Treat your records how you would like to be treated

Show em’ some love. It is important to store you record collection properly so they don’t warp, gather dust or break. Records should be stacked/ stored vertically. Never lay records flat or on top of each other. This is exactly how vinyl records become warped. Your records hate extreme weather conditions just as much as you do. A lightly lit, room temperature area will keep your records in great condition.

Support local records shops

This is probably the most rewarding part of beginning a record collection. I most certainly recommend hunting for vinyl records in your own backyard. Each record store has its own personal flare, some are very specific in a genre and, others are full of well-loved old time favourites. The reason I recommend purchasing from your local record store us because not only you leave with some great music; you can actually meet other passionate record collectors.


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